KEFIGEL is dedicated to the production and marketing of exclusive water-based KEFIR products.

What is Water-based Kefir?

Water kefir is a colony of symbiotic microorganisms immersed in a matrix composed of polysaccharides and proteins. Originating in the Caucasus is formed by lactobacilli and yeasts suitable for fermenting in water.

The meaning of the word Kefir is "well-being" or "well-living".

The water kefir grains are gelatinous masses measuring 3 to 35 mm in diameter, have a cauliflower-like appearance, presenting irregular shape and yellowish coloration. In this structure, there is a symbiotic association of yeasts, acid-lactic bacteria, acid-acetic bacteria, among other microorganisms, surrounded by a matrix of polysaccharides referred to as kefiran.

Water kefir is grown in water containing brown sugar.

The microbial composition and the products formed during the fermentation process have anticancer, antifungal, antiviral and antimutagenic properties.


Benefits of Water Kefir

Kefir has many amazing health benefits.

It is rich in Lactobacilli and other beneficial organisms. In fact, the cocktail of probiotics, micro and macronutrients, vitamins and minerals makes kefir extremely powerful.

Human skin harbors more than one trillion microorganisms divided into approximately 100 different species.

However, all these bacteria help to maintain the health of the skin in day and free of infections and cutaneous diseases. The problem is that with the constant use of products to clean and disinfect the skin, we end up having an adverse effect: these antiseptic products end up obstructing and attacking these defensive bacteria that protect our epidermis.

A study done on the "Effect of Kefigel® on bacteria isolated from diabetic foot infections" reveals that KEFIGEL Natural Gel has a potential interest as an antibacterial product if used frequently in wounds of diabetic foot ulcers because it limits the progression of isolated Staphylococcus aureus associated with this disease.

It is not an alternative to antibiotics but can be used prophylactically to prevent the risk of infection. On the other hand, it may be used in combination with antibiotics, thus reducing the time of infection and the possible occurrence of possible resistance phenomena. "


Benefits of extracts used in KEFIGEL skin products

Aloe Vera: Products with Aloe Vera extract are excellent for the skin. Aloe vera has nutritional properties that prevent premature aging, acnes and sunburns, being also moisturizing.

Nettle: It has invigorating, nourishing, astringent, stimulating, purifying and antibacterial properties. Nettle is rich in vitamins, especially those in group B, vitamins C and K, beta-carotene, minerals such as magnesium and iron, trace elements, amino acids and proteins, calcium, salts and phosphates. It has action in combating hair loss and brittle nails, due to the presence of iron, silicon and vitamins B2 and B5, so it has an excellent remineralization power.

Lavender: Lavender has several properties, such as antifungal, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, sedative and healing properties.


Benefits of extracts used in KEFIGEL hair products

Amla: This fruit is used in many hair tonics because it enriches hair growth and pigmentation. In addition, it strengthens the roots, maintains color and improves brightness.

Copaiba: Copaiba oil is a resin / sap from the South American Amazon rainforest tree. Copaiba oil (extract) balances oiliness, treats mycoses, dandruff and seborrhea of ​​the scalp. It protects the painted hair and leaves the wires shiny and soft.

Brazil chestnut: Brazil chestnuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, a healthy form of fatty acids that makes the yams healthy. It is also a good source of Vitamin E, one of the most important nutrients needed to improve the appearance of hair.

Chamomile: Chamomile is a natural emollient, which makes it an effective combat measure for curly hair and spiked tips. Chamomile is often used in shampoos to give hair a charming shine and light without making it heavy. Chamomile is also considered highly effective in preventing dandruff and soothes itching of the scalp.